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About Skyline Adventurer

Skyline Adventurer was founded on one simple premise: that you can find unique outdoor adventures anywhere in the world, including in your own city! Whether you’re staring off into the mountains near Seattle or dodging taxis in Chicago, we’ll help you find and plan an urban outdoor adventure that suits your abilities and preferences.

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While Skyline Adventurer covers almost every activity that involves the outdoors, we focus primarily on:

  • Urban hiking, biking, and running
  • Urban water sports, like paddling and swimming
  • Rock climbing
  • Winter sports
  • Outdoor city guides

About the Chief Adventurer – Kay Rodriguez

Kay is an adventure and travel writer based in Chicago, IL. She’s been in the travel media world since 2012, and you might recognize her from Skyline Adventurer’s parent blog, Jetfarer, where she writes about short-term bucket list adventures around the world.

While living in Chicago, Kay saw a desperate need for highlighting the fun and unique ways to get outdoors without leaving the city. She realized that other city dwellers often feel the same way. So, she founded Skyline Adventurer in 2019 as the first and only urban outdoors-focused blog on the web.

Throughout her career in travel, Kay’s writing and adventures have been featured in National Geographic, USA Today, Business Insider, The Points Guy, and several other internationally-renowned publications.

A Quick Disclosure

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